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Side Turn/Marker (Amber)

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Part Number:WLD0010

A side turn/marker (amber) is a light that is mounted on the side of a vehicle to indicate its presence and direction of travel. It is also known as a side marker light, side clearance light, or side turn signal light.

Side turn/marker lights are typically amber in color, but they can also be red or white. They are mounted on the sides of vehicles, near the front and rear, and are usually visible from the side and rear of the vehicle.

Side turn/marker lights have two main functions:

  • To increase the visibility of a vehicle, especially at night or during low-light conditions.
  • To indicate the width and length of a vehicle to other drivers.

Side turn/marker lights are required by law in most countries. They are especially important for large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, which can be difficult to see at night.

Some side turn/marker lights also function as turn signals. When the driver activates the turn signal, the side turn/marker light on the side of the vehicle that is turning will flash. This helps to alert other drivers to the vehicle's intended direction of travel.

Side turn/marker lights are an important safety feature that helps to make vehicles more visible to other drivers. They are especially important at night and in low-light conditions.

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