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Onspot Chain Wheel Spacer

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Part Number:OSC0450-A

A thin, metal ring that is placed between the chain wheel and the axle arm on an Onspot automatic tire chain system. It is used to adjust the distance between the chain wheel and the tire, which is important for ensuring that the chains engage correctly with the tire when they are deployed.

On some Onspot models, the chain wheel spacer is required. On other models, it is optional. However, it is always a good idea to use a chain wheel spacer, even if it is not required. This is because the spacer helps to ensure that the chain wheel is properly aligned with the tire, which can improve the performance and durability of the Onspot system.

Onspot chain wheel spacers are available in different thicknesses to accommodate different tire sizes and chain wheel configurations. When choosing a chain wheel spacer, it is important to select the correct thickness for your vehicle and Onspot system.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Ensures proper alignment of the chain wheel with the tire
  • Improves performance and durability of the Onspot system
  • Helps to reduce wear and tear on the chain wheel and tire
  • Makes it easier to install and adjust the Onspot system

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